Animal Welfare Institute Announces 2011 Schweitzer Awards

This is an extremely prestigious award, and it has been awarded to Richmond, Virginia’s own Michelle Welch. Without her continued work in animal welfare, the Commonwealth of Virginia would not be one of the leading states on animal welfare issues, laws and prosecutions of animal abusers! Ring Dog Rescue wants to officially congratulate Michelle on this most deserved award!  Wednesday, November 9, 2011Washington, D.C. — On Monday, November 14, 2011, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Laurie Robinson, who heads the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, will present the Animal Welfare institute’s (AWI) Albert Schweitzer Award to three outstanding…

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Pit Bull dies after being shot

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A beloved family dog was shot and killed in his own backyard. His owners said four and a half-year old Cooper was shot four times on Saturday night. The pit bull’s injuries were so devastating; they had to put him down. Just before midnight Saturday, Richmond Police officers got a call for random gunfire. When they got to the scene, they found a woman clinging to her dying dog. It is a loss almost too difficult to bear. “He was a real big part of the family,” explained Kaitlen Roane. “I feel like I’m mourning the…

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Canine Good Citizen & Natl Pit Bull Awareness Day

Started in 1989, the Canine Good Citizen Program is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. Ring Dog Rescue is working to promote responsible pet ownersip and basic good manners for dogs in Richmond and the surrounding communities by offering Canine Good Citizen Testing on Sat. Oct. 22, 2011 at the Chesterfield County…

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Heartworm Treatment Drug Shortage

A shortage of Immiticide will cause the heartworm drug to be unavailable for several weeks to several months, according to Merial, the company that sells Immiticide. Merial said in a statement that the company that manufactures Immiticide (melarsomine dihydrochloride) is “experiencing technical issues in their plant that will temporarily affect their ability to provide finished product to us.” The company said its inventory of Immiticide is depleted, but that it is working to identify a possible alternate source of supply. Continue reading…

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Adoptables: Midge

Meet the beautiful, goofy, and total sweetheart, Midge! If her chestnut eye hasn't caught you, I'm sure her hazel one has. This beautiful girl is... more

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