Pit bull owners go to court to fight evictions

Dinwiddie pit bull owners, told to get rid of their animals or face eviction, appeared in court Monday afternoon. Tenants given that ultimatum back in February by the Green Acres trailer park, say they’re not giving up. “I hope it boils down to us being able to keep the dogs,” said resident Arieal Lilly. The group walked into court united and ready to plead their case. Four tenants have refused to get rid of their pit bulls or move. Now, the group faces eviction. “I’m hoping everything will work out for the best for all of us because it’s not…

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Efforts to combat dogfighting gain major ally in RICO statute

Dharma the three-legged pit bull is a survivor. The canine was found mangled in 2009 when federal investigators busted a massive dogfighting ring that spanned from Illinois to Texas. The raids resulted in the seizure of more than 400 dogs and numerous arrests. Animal welfare workers said Dharma wasn’t used in the dogfights but rather was left chained outside in rural Missouri to produce fresh litters of puppies. The dog’s abusers, they said, amputated one of her front legs. Suzanne Schemm, the dog’s adoptive owner, believes Dharma, now 5, is lucky to have escaped from an underground world where crimes…

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Authorities Bust Bronx Dog-Fighting Ring

Police said they were forced to remove up to 50 dogs from the basement of 1254 Sherman Avenue in the Concourse section Thursday, where a suspected dog-fighting ring was being run. NY1’s Dean Meminger filed the following report. Scars on a pitbull’s face represented evidence of what was going on in the basement of Sherman Avenue and 168th Street in the Bronx. Investigators said 50 dogs as young as 12 weeks and as old as 5 years were bred, trained and put in fighting matches here. “There is extensive training equipment,” said NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Favale. “There’s treadmills, it…

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Are pit bulls “inherently dangerous”?

A ruling this week in Maryland’s highest court puts certain dog owners and landlords on a tighter leash. The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled in a case involving a pit bull attack that it is no longer necessary for those attacked by a pit bull or a pit bull mix to prove that the dog is violent—the owner or landlord “is strictly liable for the damages caused” by nature of the breed. Do you think the Maryland Court of Appeals was right in its recent ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous?  Click here to vote and see the results!

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Thank you, UUCC Glen Allen!

We were chosen as the Charity of the Month for April and received a generous donation from the congregation of this small church. On April 1st, I said a few words to those folks about our organization, and even got to bring an RDR dog with me. Gretchen was SO good and everyone just loved her. But then again, what’s not to love about a pittie-ful face?  🙂

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Adoptables: Brie

Bri is a special girl, petite, energetic, food and toy motivated, crate trained and housebroken. She sounds like the perfect package, but does take sometime to... more

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