Take Your Time

Adopting a new dog is exciting, and I know you want to take that dog out as soon as you get him/her and show them off to the world, but PLEASE DON’T. Relationships take time to build. You cannot take a newly acquired dog and put them into unknown situations with people he just met and expect it be a positive experience for the dog or the new owner. Dogs take at least two weeks to acclimate to a new environment. During those first two weeks you should be laying the foundation for your lifetime you’re about to spend with…

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How many times have you been walking your dog on leash and been accosted by another off leash dog with an irresponsible owner screaming behind them as they charge toward you, “my dog is friendly”? Well, what if mine is not? Then as the strange dog charges you and your dog your dog acts aggressively because of the perceived threat and ends up looking like the bad one when it was simply doing what it’s supposed to do! This scenario happened recently on the VCU campus. A responsible owner was walking her dog on leash when an irresponsible owner allowed…

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Disaster Preparedness Tips

Disaster Preparedness Tips When disaster strikes, don’t be caught unprepared! Follow these important tips: 1. Pet Identification. Identify your pets at all times with collars or microchips. Collars should display your name, telephone number and an emergency contact. While collars can become lost, microchips are a secure means of assuring that your pet is identified via an electronic device that is painlessly implanted in your pet’s shoulder area. Since animals may escape during disasters, permanent identification will increase your chances of retrieving your pet(s). 2. Evacuation Supplies. Be prepared for emergency evacuation by having pet carriers on-hand and in an…

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Fourth of July safety tips

Take a moment to think about all the different, seemingly imperceptible sounds your pet can hear. Not only can they hear within a larger range, the shape of their ears also helps them to pick up sounds that often escape our senses. Think then how loud a firework might be to your best friend, the same dog that can hear the shaking of a cookie jar 2 floors away or the mailman dropping off a package 20 doors down. Not surprisingly, dogs and fireworks can often be a frightful, anxious experience for your pet. Shelters and animals rescues report taking…

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Keep your pet safe this summer

By: Dr. Fiona Caldwell For Pets Best Insurance It’s summertime! With rising temperatures and time off school come vacations, fun in the sun and time with family. The heat, sun and summer activities can also bring some perils, especially to the furry members of your family. While there are a number of things you can do to keep your pets healthy, like ensuring they have pet insurance, knowing the following things can help keep your pets safe this summer. Heat stroke is a very deadly threat to pets. Heat stroke is defined as severe hyperthermia, with temperatures sometimes over 105…

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Upcoming Events

Adoptables: Bert

Bert is stunning boy who’s about 8-10 months old. He is a soft, snuggly, and playful guy with all the best puppy qualities! When he... more

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