How Do You Spell LOVE… T-I-M-E

How do you spell love…T-I-M-E.  Relationships are not built overnight.  They take time.  So why do we always want to rush the relationship with a new dog?  Yet, it never ceases to amaze me how many people decide to adopt a dog and within the first week have to take it out and show it off before the dog even trusts them!   Then when the dog does not react well to an unfamiliar situation with unfamiliar people, the potential adopters return the dog rather then regroup and start over. It takes at least two weeks for a dog to get…

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Essential Oils for Dogs…

I have a dog with severe crate anxiety.  I tried everything I could think of to help ease his anxiety.  We tried exercise, melatonin, and he already ate and slept in his crate without an issue.  However, when we left and had to put him in the crate he’d have a melt down.  Leaving him out of the crate when we aren’t home wasn’t an option so having exhausted what I thought were all other options I tried drugs. We tried a moderate dose of Prozac since the anxiety was so intense.  It did seem to take the edge off…

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We are often asked How Do You Start a Dog Rescue…

We always welcome a new rescue effort, as it is impossible for just one organization to combat all the challenges of overpopulation, lack of spay and neuter, uneducated and misguided citizens, along with the shelters bursting at the seams. I encourage you to start slow, too many groups try and “save them all” become overwhelmed and shut down or worse turn into hoarders themselves. First, educate yourself, know the laws of Virginia, all animal law can be found by searching Virginia State Code, 3.2-6500 is the code section that starts with definitions (including animal shelter public and private) 4 viagra….

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Adoptables: Rocky

Meet ROCKY! This handsome boy is sure to make you smile every day with his silliness, his wiggle butt and his soulful, warm eyes! He... more

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