Canine Sports-Disc Dog

Another fun activity you can do at home with your dog that can turn into something you can compete with is DISC.  Disc Dog or also known as Frisbee Dog is a legitimate dog sport with competitions across the country.  In these competitions, dogs and their people compete in different categories such a distance catching or free style catching. Freestyle catching is when the dog jumps over and around his handler catching discs.  Distance is exactly how it sounds, you and your dog are judged by the distance of the throw/catch.  Disc Dog is a way for dog and handler…

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Canine Sports- Flyball

Flyball  is a fun, interactive team sport for both you and your dog.  Four dogs and 4 handlers work together in a relay race.  The race is timed and includes low jumps and the retrieve of a ball that is triggered by a spring loaded box at the end.  The dog races down the lane over 4 jumps, triggers the ball and grabs it and runs back over 4 jumps.  The second dog passes the first dog over the start/finish line and so on. The dogs are released one at a time until all 4 dogs have run their turn. Two lanes…

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Canine Sports – AGILITY

Agility is a dog sport in which your team consists of you and your dog. It’s a competitive sport that tests your skill in training and communication. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve probably seen it before in a video online. It’s a sport where you direct your dog though a timed obstacle course in a race for speed and accuracy. Generally between 13-20 obstacles. Handlers are not allowed to touch their dog or equipment. No toys or treats are allowed in the competition ring (though they are used in training). All communication takes place with the handler’s…

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NEW “Popsicles for Pups” Donation Location’s

May 24, 2016 Ring Dog Rescue is proud to announce a new partnership with DogServices. All three locations, DogServices, Little DogServices, and DogServices West are now official DONATION LOCATIONS for the Ring Dog Rescue “Popsicles for Pups” program. “Popsicles for Pups” began in 2011. Ring Dog Rescue volunteers visit participating municipal shelters weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to make frozen enrichment treats for the dogs waiting to be adopted. This program provides enrichment by allowing the dogs to relieve frustration and stress by working through a frozen treat. The program enriches their stay at the shelter by bringing down anxiety levels…

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Intro to Dog Sports

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be posting a special series on healthy dog sports. These posts have been written by Amy Hendrickson who is an active participant in the local dog sporting world. Intro to Dog Sports So, you have a new puppy (or new adult dog) and you have suddenly realized that your dog has more energy than you originally anticipated. Or, you have decided that you want to do more with your dog. Do more and Be more to and with your dog. There are so many options out there when considering activities to…

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Upcoming Events

Adoptables: Mishka

My name is Mishka. In Russian, Mishka means a cute and cuddly little bear, and my humans tell me I am just that! I wiggle... more

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