NEW “Popsicles for Pups” Donation Location’s

May 24, 2016 Ring Dog Rescue is proud to announce a new partnership with DogServices. All three locations, DogServices, Little DogServices, and DogServices West are now official DONATION LOCATIONS for the Ring Dog Rescue “Popsicles for Pups” program. “Popsicles for Pups” began in 2011. Ring Dog Rescue volunteers visit participating municipal shelters weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to make frozen enrichment treats for the dogs waiting to be adopted. This program provides enrichment by allowing the dogs to relieve frustration and stress by working through a frozen treat. The program enriches their stay at the shelter by bringing down anxiety levels…

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Intro to Dog Sports

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be posting a special series on healthy dog sports. These posts have been written by Amy Hendrickson who is an active participant in the local dog sporting world. Intro to Dog Sports So, you have a new puppy (or new adult dog) and you have suddenly realized that your dog has more energy than you originally anticipated. Or, you have decided that you want to do more with your dog. Do more and Be more to and with your dog. There are so many options out there when considering activities to…

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Ring Dog Rescue 2015 Asilomar Accords

Ring Dog Rescue, Inc, January 1, 2015- December 31, 2015 Beginning Shelter Count 1/1/2015=32 Dogs Intake: From the Public Healthy=6 Treatable-Rehabilitatable=38 Subtotal Intake from the Public=44 Incoming Transfers from Organizations within Target Community Treatable-Rehabilitatable=68 Treatable-Manageable=2 Subtotal Transfers=70 Incoming Transfers from Organizations Outside Target Community Treatable-Manageable=1 Subtotal Transfers Outside Target=1 Total Intake=115 Adoptions=100 Outgoing Transfers=12 Euthanized=3 Total Outcomes=115 Ending Shelter Count 12/31/2015=32        

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Maddie’s Fund: Life-Changing, Lifesaving

March 4, 2016 Ref: Maddie’s Fund Ring Dog Rescue In 2015, Maddie’s Fund generously granted Ring Dog Rescue $9,750.00. This grant was used for life-changing and lifesaving medical procedures. Six fantastic canines benefitted from this grant, allowing them to become healthy and adoptable. Without this grant these six canines would have otherwise been euthanized due to their injuries or illness. Sophia a female senior pit bull type dog was treated for heartworms with a total cost of $420.92. Wally aka Bugsy an adult male pit bull type dog had his ACL surgically repaired (TPLO) for a total of $2,446.94. Bungles…

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We Have Gone To The Hounds

Ring Dog Rescue recently assisted in the rescue of many hound dogs from a rural property. The rescue community came together to help the dogs, after finding out that nearly 70 hound dogs were living outside, with a lack of medical care, and the owner is dying of cancer. While RDR could not take many, we found 3 that needed immediate medical help and took these 3 in. Beanie a 1 year old Lemon Hound has a tick borne virus, skin infections, and ear infections. Matilda is a 6 year old beagle who has Heartworms, and is Ehrlicia positive, had…

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Upcoming Events

Adoptables: Roxie

This little spit fire was happy to meet us!  She was saved from a rural shelter literally at the 11th hour and is certainly grateful... more

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