Pet Vaccine Clinics

Capital Home Veterinary Care  2nd Saturday of every month 3pm to 4pm $80 Canine Adult Package includes* Physical exam DHLPP Bordetella Deworming Heartworm Test $65 Cat Pack Plus includes* Physical exam FRCP and Feline Leukemia vaccines Deworming Add a rabies vaccine to any package for only $10!  Southern States 3119 Williamsburg Rd Richmond, VA 23231 *Please bring previous vaccination history. $3 medical waste fee per pet. Pets must be on leash/in carrier. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED

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Canine Sports-Disc Dog

Another fun activity you can do at home with your dog that can turn into something you can compete with is DISC.  Disc Dog or also known as Frisbee Dog is a legitimate dog sport with competitions across the country.  In these competitions, dogs and their people compete in different categories such a distance catching or free style catching. Freestyle catching is when the dog jumps over and around his handler catching discs.  Distance is exactly how it sounds, you and your dog are judged by the distance of the throw/catch.  Disc Dog is a way for dog and handler…

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Canine Sports- Flyball

Flyball  is a fun, interactive team sport for both you and your dog.  Four dogs and 4 handlers work together in a relay race.  The race is timed and includes low jumps and the retrieve of a ball that is triggered by a spring loaded box at the end.  The dog races down the lane over 4 jumps, triggers the ball and grabs it and runs back over 4 jumps.  The second dog passes the first dog over the start/finish line and so on. The dogs are released one at a time until all 4 dogs have run their turn. Two lanes…

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Upcoming Events

Adoptables: Mishka

My name is Mishka. In Russian, Mishka means a cute and cuddly little bear, and my humans tell me I am just that! I wiggle... more

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