Easter Weekend

RDR had a great turn out and adoption stand at Ginger’s this past weekend. A huge thank you to Melanie Benware and the employees of Holiday Barn for raising $200 for Artemus!! Artemus is recovering from parvo and is doing great! We also finalized the following adoptions: Leroy Brown (aka Truman), Jonah, Amos (the Dachsund that never made the web), Marley, and Miss Kitty! Bones starts his trial run today as well! Our very own Cheulah and DogDog made their debut at the Monument Avenue Easter Parade to benefit Fetch-A-Cure and over 40,000 people attended this annual event. This weekend…

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Are pit bulls inherently dog aggressive?

OK – So as a pit bull rescue we get this question all of the time, and unfortunately even pit bull advocates don’t all share the same opinion; however, considering we’ve been doing this for quite a few years now, RDR has come to the conclusion, like that of Animal Farm Foundation, which is “all dogs are individuals, and must be treated as such. We work specifically on behalf of dogs labeled as “pit bulls” not because they are different from any other dogs, but because they are not.” ( But then you go on other pit bull websites and…

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Vote for Police!

Hello! I hope this message finds you well. I was just informed that Councilman Charles Samuels has created an online poll focused on the topic of Richmond Animal Care and Control and its ultimate placement within the City structure. It is live on his homepage: Please take a moment to show your support for RACC’s relocation to Police rather than Public Works and encourage others who share this viewpoint to do the same. Many thanks for your support of our animal care division and of our City’s homeless animals and residents, Tamsen Tamsen Heckel Kingry Chief Operating Officer Richmond…

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Virginia Federation of Humane Societies Conference

A few of us just got back from the above conference this past weekend and what a great event it was! Jeff Jenkins from the Anti Dog Fighting Campaign with the HSUS ( was great and he has inspired RDR to continue our efforts to implement this program in Richmond. Donald Cleary from the National Canine Research Council ( and Bernice Clifford from the Animal Farm Foundation ( were outstanding as well! We would also like to congratulate Robin McVoy (a volunteer of RDR) for receiving the Bravo Award (! Robin is an instrumental part of Ring Dog Rescue and…

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Rescue Work

Rescue work is hard work. No one ever thanks you for it, except the animals. The transformation they make is thank you enough for me, most of the time 😉 Sometimes it’s nice to know that people do appreciate what you do. Here is an email we received yesterday..although we weren’t able to take these dogs in at least we were able to help get them spayed and vaccinated and help be a small step in finding their forever homes. That is so kind of you! Thank you is not enough. I spoke with my sister this morning and she…

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Upcoming Events

Adoptables: Tuitti Fruitti

Tuitti Fruitti: Cute, loving, affectionate cuddler looking for a love! I'm potty trained, crate trained, I love to play fetch and am in need of... more

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