Medical Challenges

Sometimes with all the sadness of the heartbreaking stories behind many of the rescued bullies that Ring Dog saves, it’s easy to forget just how remarkable Ring Dog Rescue really is. Many other rescue groups, while of course still doing a very noble deed, have difficulty rescuing pit bulls. Many do not accept bully breeds at all, much less ones with special needs, due to the cost and time invested in taking on less than perfectly healthy animals. Ring Dog does not turn down an animal for any medical condition it may have, treating dogs with heartworms, puppies with parvo,…

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Layla – The Pregnant Pit Bull

So, the purpose of this blog is to talk about Layla..the lovely young, very pregnant, pit bull we pulled from the Hopewell Shelter last week. We were told she was less than a week away from giving birth, which she was, as she gave birth to 11 puppies between last night and this morning! Believe it or not we’re getting flack because we didn’t abort the puppies as we all know there are too many pit bulls in this world. Well, allow me to explain. Most of the time we will abort a pregnant female, but we will not when…

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Chance – my training experience!

So I have been at Holiday Barn for a little over 5 weeks now learning all sorts of new things. I know how to walk very well on a leash, sit and stay…even with distractions! I come when called and Melanie’s favorite is the “Climb” command. I get up on a bed in the lobby and just lay there while other dogs and people come and go. I am so good at it and all the other customers love my big smile. I have been spending time with other dogs and enjoying that, I don’t even react if another dog…

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Sailor Needs Our Help!

Meet Sailor. He is an 18-month-old pit bull with a heart of gold who needs our help. Ring Dog Rescue was able to save this special guy from being put down after a really rough start in life. At 8 weeks old, he was run over in his own driveway by his original owners. The emergency vet clinic contacted Ring Dog Rescue about the puppy and they agreed to take the puppy. His foster mom, Lauren, is an experienced dog foster parent. Sailor is her fifth foster dog with Ring Dog Rescue. She says that “Sailor deserves to go to…

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Upcoming Events

Adoptables: Bertie

Bertie is a fun young girl who has travelled a great distance to find you. At 8 months of age, Bertie has survived a hurricane,... more

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