Summer Field Day & Farmer’s Market – July 24th

Create a memory with your entire family at our Field Day at Strange’s. This event is family and dog friendly. We encourage you to come out and spend the day with us. There is absolutely no cost to you. Learn about nature, vegetables, farming and more.Read more… Event Details:Date: July 24th, 2010Time: 8:00 am – 2:00 pmAdmission: Free!

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Heartworms in dog are very easy to prevent, however they are very difficult, and costly, to treat once a dog already has them. Sadly, it is quite common for a rescued dog to have heartworms, as they have not had access to the same preventative treatment an owned pet would. If left undetected and untreated, a dog with heartworms will almost certainly die from them eventually. Thankfully for a lucky few of those dogs in our area with heartworms, Ring Dog Rescue is committed to treating heartworms and giving the dog the time it needs to heal during this treatment….

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Comments on Recent Animal Cases including the Petersburg Fire Captain’s “conviction”

Recently, many cases of animal abuse have been front and center in the local news. All of these stories are equally horrific and saddening, but the varying verdicts in the cases when brought to court seem to pose a troubling double standard in the courts when it comes to animal cruelty. In Richmond last week, an amazing victory was won on behalf of the pit bulls Ardeller Morris and her son abused in their home. Her son, Richard Robinson, received the harshest punishment ever delivered in the state of Virginia for dogfighting, with a sentence of 10 years in prison….

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Adoptables: Professor Honeydew

This sweet little pup is full of puppy energy. He would love an active family to go on adventures with for he is always on... more

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