Foster Application

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Animal Cruelty Statement:

I do hereby solemnly swear and affirm as follows:

  1. I volunteer as a foster of Ring Dog Rescue to ensure the safety of orphaned animals and to help place these animals in loving homes;
  2. I have never been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment,
    pursuant to VA Code & 3.1-796.96:5 (B) and (C);
  3. If I serve as a foster care provider for a companion animal, I will provide for each companion animal placed with me adequate food, water, clean shelter, living space, exercise, care, treatment, transportation and veterinary care when needed or to prevent suffering or disease transmission. [As outlined in VA Code $ 3.1-796.96:5 (D) and $ 3.1-796.68 (A)(1) through (7)]; and
  4. I will provide Ring Dog Rescue with any and all updates to the Animal Cruelty Statement as changes occur.
  5. In consideration of my participation as a volunteer for Ring Dog Rescue (RDR), I do hereby release and forever discharge Tonya Irizarry and Amy Taylor, RDR, its affiliates, directors, officers, agents, other volunteers and employees from any and all claims, demands and causes of action which the undersigned now has or which the undersigned or the undersigned’s heirs, executors, administrators, assigns or successors may have by reason of any activity in connection with volunteer activities and visits (and any optional side activities involving RDR).
  6. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify RDR, its affiliates, directors, officers, agents and their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, of and from all of the liabilities described above, arising out of or connected with the volunteer activities of said organization.