Ring Dog Rescue is a rescue group dedicated to the "Pit Bull type dogs", which is defined as any dog having bulldog lineage. We are a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization and are currently listing adoptable pit bulls from, not only Ring Dog Rescue, but our other rescue friends and those who have opened their door to an orphaned pit bull in private rescue.

We at Ring Dog Rescue all own a pit bull type dog and would like to answer all your questions and help guide you to a happy life for you and your companion, as well as to aid you in finding the perfect one for you.

If you're considering or want to find a new home your pit bull type dog, read this first.


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Please SUPPORT our Putting for Pit Bulls Golf Tournament sponsors!

Community Outreach fundraiser

Community outreach is one way we can all have a healthier more humane community! Our rescue organization, Ring Dog Rescue, works tirelessly to help not just the adoptable dogs in our program, but the dogs in need from our Virginia community. Our outreach programs provide proper dog houses, straw, food, medical care, and spay and neuter services to help promote proper animal husbandry. We are asking for your help! By making a donation through this GoFundMe account, any and all donations will go to helping animals in need, these funds Do Make A Difference; reducing companion animal over-population through spay and neuter, giving animals warmth and shelter through the Dog House Project, getting dogs OFF of Chains by building proper fencing enclosures, and aiding companion animals by assisting those who cannot afford services but truly do care for their companion. Educating the public on proper animal husbandry gets to the root of our over filled shelters and reduces euthanasia in our communities. Please help us help these less fortunate animals. While we would prefer they all live inside in healthy happy homes the reality is many do not, help us help them!

Shady and his mom are both battling cancer and need your help

Shady was adopted from Ring Dog Rescue 7 years ago. He has lived a great life with his adoptive family. Recently Shady was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor and he will be getting his leg amputated in order to stop the spread of the cancer. While this may sound overwhelming, Shady will recover, but to complicate things further, Shady's mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. They will be battling cancer together, comforting each other and staying strong for each other. a Go Fund Me account was started in order to help with Shady's medical expenses please consider donating so Shady and his mom can heal together. Thank you!

We've expanded our Popsicles for Pups program to include 2 new locations!

This program, "Popsicles for Pups", is an enrichment program focused on kenneled animals located in jurisdictional shelters. Many municipalities do not have funding for extras; and with the low-kill movement-taking place, this means many animals stay in shelters for longer periods of time. Ring Dog Rescue and its volunteers have developed a program to install a freezer and supply the shelter with the essentials to give the dogs something to do with their time in a healthy way. This program is currently being offered at Richmond Animal Care & Control, Powhatan Animal Control, Chesterfield County Animal Services, Dogtopia and Farmers Veterinary Hospital. If you are interested in donating towards this program, click one of the PayPal links to the right. You may also donate actual items to be used, these items can be dropped off at any of the below locations:

  • RAC&C, 1600 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond VA 23222
  • PAC, 4000 Old Plantation Rd, Powhatan VA 23139
  • Chesterfield County Animal Services, 9300 Public Works Road Chesterfield, VA 23832
  • Dogtopia, 11004 Midlothian Tpke, Richmond, VA 23235
  • Farmers Veterinary Hospital, 3311 Mechanicsville Tpke, Richmond, VA 23223
NOTE: Please desiginate on drop off that the supplies are for the Popsicles for Pups program

Donations may include:

  • Creamy peanut butter
  • Boxed liquid chicken stock/broth
  • Canned pure pumpkin
  • Frozen green beans or peas
  • Dog biscuits
  • Plastic containers (preferably with lids)

We would also like to thank our sponsors...
Clementines Mobile Munchies, Pet Safe, Dogtopia Midlothian, The Nautical Dog & Bare Bones Bakery!

Ring Dog Rescue offers Free Spay and Neuter to Pit Bull type dogs and mixes!

We provide this surgical procedure to folks living in the following areas only: Richmond City, Henrico & Chesterfield. If you live in one of these areas and would like to get your Pit Bull type dog fixed, please complete the online form and one of our volunteers will be in touch with you.

Thank you for fixing your companion! For those of you who are not in these areas, visit our Contact page for a listing of Low Cost Spay and Neuter clinics around the state.

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